From the Editor

January and February, 1999

It is an honour to be selected as the second Executive Editor of Swine Health and Production. Under the guidance of Dr. Bob Morrison, the journal has become a preeminent source of scientific knowledge for the swine industry. The journal has, since its inception, maintained a rigorous review and editorial process. It has become a journal selected by both swine researchers and practitioners as a forum for presenting research and case studies. Researchers tend to send their "best" work to a journal with a reputation for thorough reviews. As executive editor, I would like to maintain this rigour of review and see the international reputation of the journal continue to grow.

The editorial staff of the Swine Health and Production work hard to assist authors during the editorial process to help them publish the best possible paper, and this process will continue for the benefit of the authors and the readership. There has also been a concerted effort to increase the numeracy of the readership. I would like to further this process by discussing critical evaluation of the literature and field trial design, implementation, and analysis.

I encourage you to participate in the exchange of information by submitting your research work, case studies, production tips, and letters to our AASP journal (editorial address on the facing page). With your input, Swine Health and Production will continue to provide excellence in continuing education for our members.

--Cate Dewey
Executive Editor,
Swine Health and Production