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2020 Podcast Series: Maria Jose Clavijo

During the AASV Annual Meeting, 28 veterinary students interviewed conference speakers to gain additional information about their presentation topic. The next of these interviews is now available to members on the AASV website at Tune into this podcast to hear about the future of bacterial pathogen surveillance using whole genome sequencing, featuring Dr. Maria Clavijo! In this podcast, Dr. Clavijo expands on her AASV 2020 presentation topic "Are we there yet? The future of bacterial pathogen surveillance." Topics discussed in this podcast include which bacterial pathogens Dr. Clavijo is focusing on currently, tips for on farm sample collection and the sample submission process for whole genome sequencing, how this tool plays a role with vaccine selection and challenges Dr. Clavjio foresees in the labs or on the farm while implementing this surveillance program. (Interviewed by Megan McMahon)