Volume 5, Number 6

 November and December, 1997

Swine Health and Production

of the
of Swine



President's message
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Transmission of PRRSV by direct, close, or indirect contact
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Robert W. Wills, Jeff J. Zimmerman, Sabrina L. Swenson, et al.

A model to predict the numbers of pigs weaned per week
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Catherine E. Dewey, Sophie Wilson, and Jennifer Griffin

Testing antimicrobial susceptibility against Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae in vitro
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Ching Ching Wu, Thomas R. Shryock, Tsang Long Lin, et al.

An overview of production systems designed to prepare naive replacement gilts for impending PRRSV challenge: A global perspective
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Scott A Dee

Diagnostic notes: Porcine dermatitis and nephropathy syndrome: A new condition to include in the differential diagnosis list for skin discoloration in swine
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C. Oliver Duran, José A. Ramos-Vara, and James A. Render

Computing tips: Literature searches on the Worldwide Web
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John Deen

Pork Quality Assurance
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News: Hepatitis E, etc.
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What's your interpretation?
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