Memorial Contributions

The AASV Foundation welcomes contributions made by family and friends in memory of a departed loved one. Memorial contributions are applied to support Foundation programs as directed by the family. The following AASV members have been remembered in memorial contributions made to the Foundation:

Dr. Alex Hogg (1920-2006)

A bequest from Dr. Hogg's estate was combined with memorial gifts from family and friends to create the Alex Hogg Memorial Fund. The proceeds from this endowed fund provide support for the Alex Hogg Memorial Lecture, presented during each AASV Annual Meeting. Additional proceeds support the Hogg Scholarship for graduate veterinarians who seek to further their education.

Dr. Bernard J. Curran (1948-2007)

Dr. Rodney G. Johnson (1943-2014)

Dr. David A. Schoneweis (1931-2017)

Memorial contributions may be sent to the AASV Foundation, 830 26th Street, Perry, Iowa 50220. Please indicate the name of the person you wish to honor with your contribution. To use your credit card, go to, and enter "AASV Foundation Contribution in Memory of Person's Name." For more information, or to establish a memorial, contact the AASV Foundation: Tel. 515-465-5255,